Nine kinds of people born by short-lived


Nine kinds of people born by short-lived

According to years of research and summary by Japanese medical scientists, the following nine people have no chance to enjoy the days of the age, but easy to die: this is the so-called short-lived.


People who are addicted to smoke: Smoking can cause harm to a variety of human organisms, and people who are addicted to smoke are more likely to die prematurely.


People who drink alcohol regularly: Alcohol can cause harm to the liver. Drinking alcohol often can damage the liver and damage the spleen, so it is easy to die early.


People with broken heart and chest: The heart and chest are extremely narrow, which is easy to cause stagnation.


People with irregular life: There is no law in life, and they don’t talk about ways to keep fit. They are prone to cause many diseases and die prematurely.


People who often love to take medicine: the body is slightly uncomfortable, the medicine cans are constantly, and even a variety of drugs are taken at the same time. The result is often taken care of, and even causes many adverse reactions and is easy to die.


People who are sick and ill: don’t go to the hospital in time after illness, let them develop, often make the lighter become heavier, the emergency slows down, lose good treatment opportunities, and even lead to serious consequences and early death.


People with a depressed mood: people who are depressed for a long time, depressed or sad, and who are unaware of anything, are both sad and hurt, so they are easy to die.


A person with a lonely body: a person with a lonely personality, a friend who does not have a friend, and who is unwilling to associate and approach others, is prone to die prematurely.


People who do not participate in manual labor: life is in sports, and a person who does not participate in any physical activity is prone to die early.