Five beauty recipes let you eat beautiful skin


Five beauty recipes let you eat beautiful skin

First, the milk protein 缇?whitening practice: crush the eggs, take the protein, and the milk, sugar into the soup bowl, mix thoroughly, steamed into the pot and steamed into a sweet egg tart.

Efficacy: This freckle is whitened.

Applicable to freckles, chloasma, etc., no spotted women often eat, but also the skin is white and beautiful.

Delicious and nutritious two spotted recipes, hope to get rid of spots on your face as soon as possible.

Second, yam porridge – in addition to pigmentation practices: 1.

Wash the rice before, soak it in cold water for one hour, remove it, and drain the water.


Fresh yam peeled, scraped clean, cut into small pieces for use.

The scorpion is soaked in warm water for use.


Add 1500 ml of cold water to the pot, add before the rice, yam, simmer, boil over high heat, turn to low heat and simmer softly. Add sugar and honey when eating.

Medicinal effect: nourishing blood and nourishing pigmentation.

Third, assorted fruit 缇?瑙?瑙?瑙?绁?鍋氭硶 鍋氭硶 practice: 1.

Wash pears, apples, bananas, pineapples, kiwis, strawberries, and diced for use.


Add some water to the pot, add all the fruit diced, boil over high heat and turn to low heat.

After the fruit is boiled, add sugar, and finally drench the starch into the water. Push it with a spoon and boil it. Put it in the soup pot and put in the honey.

Medicinal effect: relieve heat and eliminate trouble, whitening and spotting.

Whitening and freckle has always been a hot topic for women. Skin care products don’t know how many kinds of products are used. In the end, they will end up ineffective. In fact, it is not necessary to spend too much money to treat white spots. It is the best choice through diet therapy.

Fourth, Huanren lotus seed porridge – whitening in addition to freckles practices: 1.

Rentao was washed clean, soaked in cold water for three hours, and drained and drained.

Lotus seeds go to the lotus heart, washed with cold water; red dates washed to the core.


Add 1000 ml of cold water to the pot, add coix seed, boil with high heat, then add lotus seeds, red dates, cook together until cooked, and finally add rock sugar, simmer until porridge, you can eat.

Medicated effect: whitening and moisturizing, can eliminate freckles, age spots, butterfly spots and so on.

Five, celery beef 缇?- whitening and spotting practices: 1.

Wash the celery and cut into a thin shape for use.


Add the lard to the pan, add the onion ginger and stir fry, add the minced beef and stir fry, add the soup, add the broth, celery, cooking wine, salt, chicken, and stir the starch.Evenly, finally drip into the broken egg white, and push it with a spoon while boiling, then put it into the soup pot.

Medicinal effect: whitening and spotting.