Pregnant women who eat for fattening


Pregnant women who eat for fattening

I have a dream that is to gain weight. I have been working hard for my dream since I was young.

銆€銆€I remember that when I was young, my family was poor, and there was no scientific health care method at home. Therefore, the dream of gaining weight can only be achieved by eating more. The so-called eating more here refers to what he is, as long as he can eat, whether it is Baogu or sweet potato. I was away from home when I was in junior high school. I followed my parents to a strange city, but now I am still famous, that is Wenzhou.

The days of following my parents are of course happy.

When I went to Wenzhou with Wuyi, the first thing my mother saw was “How is it so thin?” I can see that Mom is full of tears!

銆€銆€Mom loves me, I love my mom too.

For me, I am familiar with speaking that I am thin, and my relatives and friends say me.
Placed my parents also carefully designed a fattening plan for me.

Of course, three meals a day is essential, sometimes more than three meals a day, and each meal even has to eat and eat well, milk bread does not say, but also specifically buy me some supplements and some hairy seafood., and there are some poultry like pigeons, black-bone chickens, etc., I eat it alone and eat me.

It feels like a pregnant woman!

There is also one of the most stupid ways to increase fat, that is to drink beer, that is what my relatives and friends taught me, I feel that I am in the whole!


Take care of his embarrassment!

For me, everyone around me has racked my brains.

銆€銆€Three years later, when I returned to my hometown to go to high school, when I returned to my hometown, my grandparents still said that I was thin. I said how I got it. So thin, I found a wife to find it later. This sentence made me laugh.The eight characters are still not a glimpse, how come and talk about love!

The life in high school is boring, and the life of three points and one line every day makes people not thin and not normal, no way, for their own college dream!

I remember that when I graduated from high school, I was a one-seven-six-six-meter tall man with a weight of only 104 pounds.


too skinny.
I really envy those who can get fat when they drink cold water.

銆€銆€To be honest, I also hate that I am thin, thin and cold in the winter, often runny nose, thin and weak resistance, playing basketball is tired!

And they resist people who are stronger than themselves.

Moreover, it is not handsome, but hehe.
My aunt said it!

If I am a child, then I will stick 20 pounds of meat!

It’s a little scary to stand where!

Therefore, people who lose weight and fight can not win, like the wind can blow down, so uneasy!

Don’t say special fights!

As the grandparents said, if you find a girlfriend, your girlfriend will feel insecure and will not marry you.

This is also true!

So I want to eat stupid, force to grow to 130 pounds, here, I pleaded to the public to ask for long fat secrets, not to say more sweets, high calorie and other foods!

Because this is too caged, I still don’t know how to do it. Please tell me a little more detail?

thank you very much鈥?