In 2017, the top 100 ESPN athletes Ning Zetao ranked 66th highest in China_1

In 2017, ESPN’s top 100 well-known athletes Ning Zetao ranked 66th highest in China
The US ESPN2017 version of the world’s most famous 100 athletes list was released. The famous Chinese swimmer Ning Zetao, ranked 66th, is the only three Chinese athletes shortlisted in the top 100, and is also the highest ranked one. This is againIt proves that Ning Zetao’s unparalleled influence and degree of attention in the world.  The list of the top 100 well-known athletes selected by ESPN refers to the Forbes top 100 athletes list by integrating athletes’ salary, endorsement contracts, social media fan count and other data, and then the ESPN reporter team adds some qualified candidates to this list.The number of unsuccessful candidates was created by ESPN’s sports data director Ben Alamar (Ben Alamar) to create a ranking calculation method that combines salary, endorsement fees and social media, plus the number of Google searches.  In this list, the exciting celebration includes three Chinese athletes, Ning Zetao ranked 66th, Ma Long 71st and Lin Dan 88th, among which Ning Zetao ranked highest.Why is Ning Zetao so famous?He has more than 8 million Weibo fans and is very popular in China. He became the first Chinese men’s 100m freestyle world champion in the 2015 World Swimming Championships.With his outstanding image and excellent sports performance, Ning Zetao is favored by many sponsors, from the famous sports brand Adidas to headphones, smart bracelets to De Beers diamond jewelry, Ning Zetao’s healthy image is for himSo many endorsements are preliminary.  After winning the World Championship in 2015, Ning Zetao’s popularity skyrocketed, but due to various reasons, the performance of the Rio Olympics should be the level that the men’s 50m and 100m freestyle reached the finish line, rather than not affecting his presence.Even if he misses the domestic and world competitions, his appeal is still extremely popular.