Summer vigilance is bitten by a dog


Summer vigilance is bitten by a dog

Since entering the summer, the number of people who have gone out for a walk has increased. In the streets and lanes of the city of Harbin, the citizens holding the shit are everywhere.

The reporter learned from the Harbin Disease Prevention and Control Center that since entering July, at least 40 people in Harbin have been rabies vaccines in the epidemic prevention department due to dog and cat bites.

銆€銆€One night a few days ago, Mr. Zhang, who lives in the outer area of Harbin Road, led his 10-year-old son Xiao Qiang to play badminton downstairs. His neighbor Sun was holding the puppy and watching.

Playing and slamming, the ball leaned beside the puppy. Xiaoqiang bounced and slammed the ball. The puppy saw that Xiaoqiang had been yelling and kept yelling. Xiaoqiang didn’t care about picking up the ball and went away.Angry puppies, rushed to take a bite on Xiaoqiang’s calf, Xiaoqiang’s legs suddenly bloody.

Mr. Zhang quickly placed his son in the Harbin Disease Prevention and Control Center and injected a rabies vaccine.

銆€銆€According to Zhao Zhongbo, a staff member of the Haha City Center for Disease Control and Prevention, the seven, eight, and nine months of the year are the high incidence of animal biting events such as dogs and cats. This is because animals such as dogs and cats may have temperament in the summer due to hot weather.There have been changes, and there have been a series of anomalies such as irritability and irritability.

In addition, outdoor activities in the summer have increased, and some people wear less, which also increases opportunities for dogs and cats to 鈥渃heat鈥?

銆€銆€According to a statistics released by the Ministry of Health, in the second quarter of this year, the number of people killed by rabies in the country has exceeded AIDS, ranking first among all kinds of diseases.

Zhao Zhongbo reminded the public that although there have been no cases of death from rabies in Harbin since 2002, the number of people who have been bitten by pets such as cats and dogs is more than 10,000 per year, only one year from January to May.4,124 people.

For their own safety, the public should minimize contact with pets.

Once bitten by a pet, immediately wash the wound with 20% soapy water and then disinfect the wound with 2% or 3% iodine.

Subsequently, the quarantine vaccine was injected into the epidemic prevention department and infected with rabies.