[How to pickle lemon honey water]_Recommended diet

[How to pickle lemon honey water]_Recommended diet

Lemon honey water is sweet and sour, rich in many vitamins and trace elements, especially vitamin c is very rich in content, it has a good effect of phlegm, cough and fluid, and also has a good effect on protecting the gastric mucosa and can preventGastrointestinal irritation, at the same time the role of antibacterial and anti-inflammatory is also obvious, can relieve sore throat, let’s take a look at the practice of lemon honey water.

First choose a fresh lemon. If you want to make a little more lemon honey water, you can choose a few more lemons. First, use the salt to remove the wax on the surface of the lemon, then soak it in salt water for a while, remove it and dry it.Use a kitchen napkin to wipe off the moisture on the surface. Be sure to dry it, otherwise moisture will cause deterioration.

Remove the head and tail of the lemon and cut the lemon into thin slices. Pay attention to the thickness of the sliced lemon should be uniform. At this time, remove the seeds inside. If the lemon seeds are not removed, the taste will be bitter after marinating.Happening.

Choose a clean, sealed glass bottle, wash it before marinating, then immerse it in hot water to sterilize it, and then dry it naturally. Make sure that there is no moisture in it.

Then put the lemon slices in a glass bottle and pour honey on it. Make sure that every lemon slice is covered with honey and a layer of honey and a layer of lemon will keep catching up.

After placing the honey, seal the glass bottle, and then refrigerate it in the refrigerator. Generally, it can be eaten in 2 to 3 days. After marinating, take out 2 to 3 slices with clean chopsticks and come with a spoonfulHoney, and then brew with water to drink, of course, it is best to use warm water, otherwise the loss of nutrients will be more serious.

In the process of marinating, we must pay attention to all the tools used must be strictly disinfected, the bottle must be boiled with water, and then dried naturally. When taking honey, also use a clean spoon to avoid marinated lemons caused by bacteria.Honey water spoils.