[Chestnut cake practice]_Recommended diet

[Chestnut cake practice]_Recommended diet

Chestnuts are a kind of food that we often eat. Chestnuts are very rich in nutritional value. A proper amount of them has a cosmetic detoxification effect, which can promote skin moisturization. The effect in preventing skin diseases is also obvious. In addition, there are certain antihypertensive effects.There are many effects of chestnuts. We can assemble chestnut cake. Let’s take a look at this aspect.

Prepare the right amount of chestnuts, sesame, low-gluten flour, vegetable oil and water.

Prepare the chestnuts, then use scissors to cut the particles from the middle and peel off the skin.

During the peeling process, the film inside is not easy to replace. Regardless of it, you can steam the chestnuts first, so that film can be easily replaced.

Peel the chestnuts and steam them in the steamer for about half an hour, until the chestnuts are cooked through.

The steamed chestnuts can be mixed over here, add flour to the right amount of water, and then make a dough.

When mixing dough, it is best to use warm water. After mixing the dough, put it in the freshness box and wake up for a while.

Peel the chestnut film at this time.

Then crush the chestnuts while hot, you can use a rolling pin at home to press.

Put the chestnut powder in the pot, add the right amount of lard, add the right amount of sugar, and stir well.

Noodles into a similar size, rolled into slices, and then made the chestnut flour into a circle.

Put bread in the crust.

Use a rolling pin to roll into long strips, then insert the edges and roll up, and then stand still for about 15 minutes.

Finally, make a cake and sprinkle some sesame seeds on it.

Then use pancake scales to start pancakes, put a little oil in the pancake scales, and fry both sides of the pancakes into golden colors, so that the chestnut pancakes are ready.

Chestnut cake has no preservatives and no flavors. It is not only nutritious to eat, but also very healthy.