528 theaters resumed work, and the desire to watch movies after the epidemic ushered in a rebound rise?

528 theaters resumed work, and the desire to watch movies after the epidemic ushered in a “rebound” rise?
According to the March 24th news, according to the Cat Eye Professional Edition data, as of March 23, 528 theaters nationwide have resumed operations, an increase of 5 from the previous day, and the national resumption rate is 4.65% at the national box office 2.08 million, and San Francisco ‘s national box office for three days was 1.380,000, 3.10,000 and 40,000, showing a gradual increase.  Sauna and Yenet learned from a series of cutting-edge cinema companies such as Wanda Films, Dadi Cinema, Poly Cinema, Contemporary Oriental, Broadway, etc. At present, there is no business news from the Beijing theaters affiliated to the above cinemas.  At the press conference for the prevention and control of the new coronavirus pneumonia epidemic in Beijing on the afternoon of February 27, Chen Bei, deputy secretary-general of the Beijing Municipal Government, said that the Beijing film industry does not yet have the conditions for opening.Chen Bei said that at present, no requirements have been made to allow the film industry to open, and I especially hope that everyone will understand and support it.The guidelines and norms for reinstatement of epidemic prevention were formulated in order to lay a solid foundation for a smooth operation under the conditions permitted by the epidemic prevention and control.  ”At present, no notifications from the competent unit have been received, and notifications from various districts have not been issued. Besides, if it is no longer in operation, what film should be put?”A theater leader told the sauna, Yewang. Now everyone is afraid to care. In the event of a crowded infection in the theater, no one can bear the responsibility. Still, the overall situation is the priority and the epidemic prevention is the priority.”  Starting from January 23, Dadi, Jinyi, Lumiere, Oscar, CGV, Bona and other theater (or shadow) companies announced the suspension of business during the Spring Festival, which has been for two full months.Analysts believe that the closed theater environment, crowded people, and the dilemma of no new film releases have all been the reasons for the poor box office return to theaters.  After the new crown pneumonia epidemic has passed, fans’ desire to watch movies will usher in “rebound” growth.”From a technical point of view, the quarterly box office curve has been similar for several years, that is, the market energy curve is similar.There is no burst of energy in the Spring Festival stalls, it will burst out in the following months.To be simple, stay at home for a long time. Once the new pneumonia has passed, the movie will become the main entertainment consumption channel, so there will be a rebound.The Chinese New Year files were unanimously withdrawn, ushering in social praise, and viewers will return to the film in the future.Lan Fang, the film promotion expert and chairman of the “Lan Team”, told the sauna and Yewang.  Ten thousand theaters are affected, small and medium theaters are looking forward to compensation?  On January 23, affected by the new crown pneumonia epidemic, popular movies such as “Chinatown Detective 3”, “囧 妈” and “Win the Championship” were all cancelled. Subsequently, the land, Jinyi, Lumiere, Oscar, CGV, Bona and other hospitalsLine (or shadow investment) companies also announced the suspension of business during the Spring Festival.The previous Spring Festival stalls were the busiest moments for theater people. They would use this week ‘s overtime to earn about 20% of their income.  Yien data show that in 2019, 2018 and 2017, the box office revenues of the Spring Festival stalls were 58 respectively.300 million, 57.2 trillion, 38 trillion, the total box office of the above-mentioned three years of domestic movies were 411.700 million, 378.900 million yuan, 301.0 billion US dollars (due to the uncertain proportion of foreign movie box office at the theater end, so only the domestic movie box office is selected), the Spring Festival box office revenue accounted for 14 of the total box office revenue of domestic movies.2%, 15.1%, 12.7%.Coupled with the relatively high sales revenue of the Spring Festival stalls, the Spring Festival stalls are indeed the most important part of the movie theater ‘s income.  It is understood that in the domestic cinema industry, there are three commercial entities: cinematography, cinema and cinema.Generally speaking, the cinema line can be divided into 7% of the box office income after taxes and fees, the cinema can be divided into 50%, and the film investment can be divided into 57%.  ”There is no particularly great loss for the cinema line, and the losses for the cinema and the shadow investment company will be relatively heavy.The opening of the theater will have to wait for the theater to return to normal, and now the theater is still closed to business, “said the title of the theater.  According to a senior theater manager, every high-ticket theater is attached to a prime location. On top of the huge operation team, the monthly rental of theater stores in popular locations in Beijing can reach millions of yuan.  ”Especially for cinemas in the fourth and fifth tier cities that rely heavily on the Spring Festival stalls, it is indeed a shock. I think the management department may give some compensation in the areas of movie funds to help the theaters overcome the difficulties.Lan Fang, an expert in the film promotion industry and chairman of the “lan team”, said to the sauna, Yewang.  As of the end of 2019, the number of theaters nationwide exceeded 12,408.In particular, the theaters that have just been built and operated in the third and fourth tier cities in the past two years have not yet formed a stable cash flow and are still repaying loans.  Cinemas use “sell goods” and “package tickets” to lock in revenue in advance as the main partner of domestic IMAX theater equipment. IMAX’s fiscal year 2019 report is regarded as a vane by the industry.Its fourth quarter total revenue was 1.2.4 billion US dollars, an annual increase of 14%, higher than market expectations of 1.$ 1.7 billion.The initial total revenue increased by 6% to 3 in ten years.$ 9.6 billion.However, the above data was obtained before the new crown epidemic occurred. In the financial report, IMAX Corp.The impact of the epidemic was also analyzed.  In addition to the fact that the previous IMAX DNA film “Babai” with full IMAX digital camera could not be released as scheduled, the risk of the new coronary pneumonia epidemic in early 2020 was specifically mentioned in the information disclosure.The profits and cash flow of the IMAX companies that it depends on will be significantly affected.The timing of the reopening of the cinema and the re-sizing of the movie is still to be determined, which brings uncertainty to IMAX, and IMAX’s performance is likely to fail to achieve the expected growth.  IMAX Corp.The leader also said that it is now necessary to compress the volume of one-year movies in the remaining months, so that more Hollywood movies will be put together and some movies will indeed be disturbed.”I think it may be shorter in the film because there are so many films to be released at that time, but it is too early to predict.”Whether” Liang Ma “and” Big Winner “will shift from cinema to streaming media, will there be a corresponding trend.The aforementioned IMAX Corp.Lianhe said that although a movie directly landed on streaming media during the Chinese New Year, that was a special case.  Specific to domestic cinemas, from the financial report, Wanda Film, Jinyi Film, Hengdian Film, Happiness Blue Ocean and other major theater stocks in the third quarter of last year all saw operating profit margins and net profits decrease by two numbers.  Some theaters have also started self-rescue measures. Wanda Studios, Bona International Studios, Jinyi Studios, Dadi Cinemas, etc. have opened stores through online channels to clean up their inventories.At the same time, the Studio also began selling movie tickets, sometimes 19.A 2D or 3D redemption voucher for 9 yuan will be used until June 30 or December 30.  ”The theaters have not regarded the non-ticket business as a profit point, but they still sell tickets purely,” said a senior executive of a theater (film investment) company. There is no clear direction on how to do several movie markets in the future.  Sauna, Ye Wang Bai Jinlei editor Li Weijia Sun Yong proofreading Jia Ning