[Nutrition value and efficacy of light fish]_Benefits_Benefits

[Nutrition value and efficacy of light fish]_Benefits_Benefits

Light fish is very nutritious, because it is very delicious and rich in nutrients, and it can treat stomach pain and deficiency, as well as abdominal pain, with endless effects, so it can facilitate urine, prevent urinary tract infections, and help treat urethral stonesRelief, often blood in the urine, can also treat the condition of impotence and premature ejaculation, so there are many effects, at the same time you need to understand some of the nutritional value and benefits of light fish in detail.

Sand light fish aliases: shark, sand blower, sand ditch fish, sand bream, surf fish, new woman arm, satin tiger fish, sand bamboo, light fish, oil light fish, push wave fish.

Nutrients: The edible portion of Sha Guang fish products contains protein 13 per 100 grams.

4 grams, aunt 7.

6 grams, sugar 3.

9 grams, 97 mg calcium, 127 mg phosphorus, and iron 1.

7 mg, vitamin A248 IU, vitamin B1 0.

13 mg, vitamin B2 0.

01 mg, niacin 0.

2 mg.

Sexual flavor return classics: sex flat, sweet.

Return to the spleen and stomach.

Efficacy: warming Qi.

Applicable to Deficiency, Abdominal pain, Stomach pain, Accumulation, Indigestion, etc.

Diuretics and phlegm can be used to help treat urinary tract stones, urinary tract infections or hematuria.

The folk also often use Shaguang fish meat and cinnamon to fry together to treat impotence, nocturnal emission, and premature ejaculation.

Consumption: steamed, braised, boiled, braised soup, red coriander, etc.

Its flesh is thick and less thorny, it is tender and fat, and it has a unique fragrance. Its liver is very tender and tender, and it has clear eyesight and nourish fitness.

Intake 200 grams per meal.

The nutritional value of Sha Guangyu should be avoided: more food can easily cause scabies.

Medicinal prescription: (1) Yin deficiency and loss: 400 grams of sandfish, clean it, boil it out in a boiling water pot, put it in a soup bowl, add an appropriate amount of clear soup, add 2 grams of Dendrobium, 2 grams of Zhimu, bamboo shoot50 grams of tablets, 10 grams of fungus, take after steaming, stick for several days.

(2) Long cough: 200 grams of steamed Shaguang fish meat, knead pieces, add 3 grams of schisandra, 1 grams of asarum, 5 grams of ginger, 10 grams of lilies, 50 grams of Sydney slices, boil soupService, insist on a few meals.

(3) Deficiency of lung qi: 300 grams of Shaguangyu, chopped hibiscus, 50 grams of mutton stuffing, 3 grams of raspberry, 2 grams of butterbur flower, 20 grams of ginkgo, can be made into pill soup.

1 species of the genus Mianthidae in the family Mianthidae.

The general body length is 190?
270 mm, weight 200?
250 grams.

The larger can reach 320 mm and weigh 450 grams; the body is eel-shaped and slightly flattened.

Kiss obtusely.

Eyes are small.

The mouth is large, low, and curved.

The upper jaw is slightly longer than the lower jaw.

The teeth are small, with one row on the upper jaw and two rows on the lower jaw.

The coccyx and cheekbones are toothless.

Round scales, very small, buried deep under the skin.

The lateral line is not well developed and gradually disappears to the second half of the tail.

The body is pale yellow-black with 13 on the dorsal margin and body side?
18 longitudinal black patches and gray-brown cloud spots.
The dorsal fin is very long, most of which are fins, with short fin spines only at some small parts of the tail, and still weak fins thereafter; and it is connected to the caudal fin.

The anal fin is long, without spines, and connected to the caudal fin.

Dorsal fins since 4th?
There are black spots on the 7 fins.
Pelvic fin posterior, short.

The caudal fin is extremely small and inconspicuous.

Distributed in China, North Korea, Japan and Soviet Far East Sea.

China is located in the East China Sea, the Yellow Sea and the Bohai Sea.