2017 London World Championships Chinese track and field team 46 athletes lineup list _1

2017 London World Championships Chinese track and field team 46 players lineup list
On July 19, the roster of the Chinese track and field team of the London World Championships was announced.46 athletes will compete in 17 events.The Athletics Base Camp lists the list and their best results of the season (data from the IAAF and the All-Athletics Database), and makes relevant explanations.》》The complete schedule of the 2017 London Athletics World Championships The Chinese team’s playing timetable men’s 100-meter Su Bingtian (10.09 seconds), Xie Zhenye (10.09 seconds)    Both had a record of rushing into the wind for 10 seconds this year, Su Bingtian was 9.92 seconds + 9.98 seconds, Xie Zhenye is 9.91 seconds + 9.93 seconds.Expect them both to break ten within the compliance wind speed at the World Championships.》》2017 Athletics World Championships Su Bingtian Xie Zhenye Competition Schedule Timetable Men’s 200m Xie Zhenye (20.40 seconds)    this achievement was created this year in the Diamond League Shanghai Station.Men’s 4×100m relay Su Bingtian, Xie Zhenye, Wu Zhiqiang, Zhang Peimeng, Liang Jinsheng, Biege    This year’s men’s relay team lineup has been adjusted, this year 100 meters ran out of 10.In 24 seconds, Wu Zhiqiang became the main member, and there were also two 200-meter special masters Liang Jinsheng and Biege, who had played well in this year’s world track and field relay.Women’s 4×100m relay Tao Yujia, Ge Manqi, Kong Lingwei, Liang Xiaojing, Wei Yongli   Similarly, the women’s relay team has also been adjusted. Once the main member Yuan Qiqi was unable to go to London because of an Achilles tendon injury.Xie Wenjun (13.31 seconds)    women’s 100-meter hurdle leader Wu Shuijiao achieved the standard, but did not participate.Men’s long jump Shi Yuhao (8.31 meters) Huang Changzhou (8.26 meters) Wang Jianan (8.29 meters)    All three players are PB this year, and the results are quite good. Previous123Next