Try eight natural treatments for back pain


Try eight natural treatments for back pain

Back pain Try eight natural treatments. Back pain is accompanied by many people’s lives. There are many reasons for back pain, but not only pain needs to be solved by taking painkillers, but some can relieve back pain.Natural therapy is safe and effective, so try it out.

First, yoga studies have shown that patients with lower extremity pain participate in a yoga practice once a week. After three months, their physical function has been significantly improved; the effect is far beyond the routine medical care (such as oral medication) or physiotherapy patients.

Fractures are equally effective in treating headache pain and yoga, but the main areas of exercise are the spinal cord and the legs.

Second, massage patients with chronic lower extremity pain if they have a massage once a week, after 10 weeks, their pain has improved.

Third, acupuncture and moxibustion plays a key role in relieving the complications of chronic back pain.

One study showed that patients with acupuncture were more likely to have back pain more often than patients receiving routine care.

Fourth, strength training A fitness instructor provides a test method: the back wall is narrow, the shoulder blades on both sides are pressed against the wall; if you can keep this position for a long time, you can’t sing “Happy Birthday Song”, you needStrength training for the back and core muscle groups.

The muscle strength of these areas is increased to promote prevention and reduce back pain.

The four strength training exercises that can be used include chair drape, up-tilt push-ups, squats and bowing.

Fifth, reduce stress and maintain mental health is also essential to avoid back pain.

When people are in a state of concern, the body will react “combat or escape”, causing muscles to tighten and prepare for action.

A study by European scholars showed that people with negative emotions and anxiety exceeded symptoms that may have back pain.

Sixth, meditation There are several scientific studies that have confirmed that meditation can alleviate back pain.

After practicing a meditation therapy that focuses on releasing anger, patients with back pain have significantly relieved their pain and mental illness.

In another study, the meditation practitioner’s pain was reduced by 40%.

Seven, a study conducted by the Spa in 2013 showed that if a sedentary adult receives 5 spa treatments a week, their pain will be relieved two months later and their quality of life will improve.

Another small study found that spa treatments also help to alleviate lower back pain in pregnant women.

Eight, a study conducted by the Tai Chi American College of Rheumatology in 2011 showed that two times a week, 40 minutes of tai chi, for 10 weeks, the patient’s pain intensity decreased by 13%.